Austers, Aldis

EU-Skepsis in den baltischen Staaten

Viel Lärm um nichts?
Riga, 2017

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Austers, Aldis

Euroscepticism in the Baltic states

Much ado about nothing?
Riga, 2017

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Ijabs, Ivars

Change in sight?

2017 local elections and the left-wing landscape in Latvia
Riga, 2017

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Euroscepticism in small EU member states

Riga, 2018

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Konservatiivsete ja paremäärmuslike parteide seisukohad ja roll Euroopa anti-gender-liikumistes

gender kui sümboolne liim
Tallinn, 2017

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Solidarity in struggle

feminist perspectives on neoliberalism in East-Central Europe
Budapest, 2016

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